Mission Statement

At Healthcare Horizons, our top priority is to protect our clients’ financial interests by ensuring that their health insurance payments are being paid as accurately as possible. We meet this priority by providing superior healthcare claims audit services utilizing our 100% Difference approach, which combines a complex blend of proprietary data analytics, a vast wealth of industry specific knowledge, and exceptional expertise in a way that:

  • Protects the privacy of our clients and their employees
  • Recognizes our staff and our clients as our most important assets
  • Upholds the highest ethical standards

In the constantly changing healthcare environment, periodic audits are essential to help identify and correct patterns of overpayment. At Healthcare Horizons, we are committed to thoroughly reviewing and discovering all available data to ensure that our clients’ fiduciary obligations regarding healthcare payments are being met as accurately as possible. This results not only in the recovery of overpayments, but also in the correction of root-cause issues to improve efficiency and generate long-term savings for our clients.