Healthcare Horizons operates according to four key principles which comprise our company philosophy. We describe these key principles as follows:

We will never lose sight of the fact that our clients are the very heart of our business, and that our success hinges upon theirs. That is why client satisfaction is a key focus of our company, and why we make outstanding service our top priority. We are committed to timely responses, effective problem solving, accessibility, and accuracy, and we reward our team members for going the extra mile for our clients. Our goal is to make every client experience a pleasant one, as well as to ensure that we always exceed our clients’ expectations.

Because our business revolves around numbers, Healthcare Horizons is deeply committed to making sure our audits yield results with the greatest possible accuracy. We developed our 100% Difference because we believe the best way to deliver accurate results for our clients is to audit all claims, not just a random sample. This commitment to uncompromising accuracy consistently results in higher recovery rates and long-term savings for our clients.

The best way for us to deliver on our commitment to unmatched service and uncompromising accuracy is to build an outstanding team of employees to work on behalf of our clients. We select only the most qualified and passionate individuals to work for us, we treat them well so that they enjoy working for us, we train them extensively to represent our core values to our clients, and we reward them for exceptional service.

Our hope is that every client becomes a long-term partner, and we work diligently to develop these relationships, not merely by satisfying our clients’ needs, but by building trust over time. We are committed to delivering consistent results, offering reliable advice, and partnering with our clients to achieve the best possible results for their business. We strive not only to be the best at what we do, but also to be a company our clients can trust for the long term.



If you engage with Healthcare Horizons, you can feel secure in knowing we believe in uncompromising ethics and accuracy and are protecting your company’s financial interest, ensuring your health insurance payments are being paid as accurately as possible.  Our 100% Difference approach assures you that you have successfully identified, rectified, and facilitated the recovery of approved dollars of overpaid claims via a process that yields more comprehensive results and leads to future savings.  We do all of this with sensitivity to your TPA relationship and make the process simple so you can focus on your core business and productivity.  You have access to our leadership, assuring you that your business is important to us.